EDITOR'S PICKS - NKorea Anniversary available, Story #4031748
Japan Earthquake 7 - Strong quake hits southern Japan, tsunami advisory
India UK Royals - Prince William and Kate visit Taj Mahal
Greece Lesbos Pope Departure - Pope departs from Lesbos with several refugees
Brazil Rousseff - Rousseff releases recorded message
Italy Pope Refugees - Pope's Syrian refugees at reception centre
UK Royal Stamps - Prince George on Queen's 90th birthday stamp 
Lebanon Australia 4 - Custody father: Children staying in Lebanon
Norway PM - Norwegian PM on Breivik court ruling
Greece Norway - Norway minister simulates migrant rescue
US NKorea - ONLY ON AP: NKorea offers deal on nuclear tests. Story No 4032949
Iraq Blast - Suicide car bomb kills at least 14 in Baghdad
Ukraine Chernobyl Anniversary 7 - Candle vigil for Chernobyl in Kiev square
Australia Anniversary - Australia marks 20th anniversary of mass shooting
UK Space - British astronaut driving Mars Rover project
Germany Demo - Protesters detained at German far right meeting
Iraq Protests 2 - Protesters storm Iraqi parliament
Kenya Ivory - Kenya burns more than 100 tonnes of ivory

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